With NeuroRouting, Perfect Privacy introduces an exclusive and unique feature that significantly increases the security and anonymity of VPN connections.

In short, NeuroRouting ensures that the network traffic remains in the highly encrypted Perfect Privacy network for as long as possible and is routed to the VPN server closest to the target server. This significantly reduces the number of attack points.

In order to achieve this, we made use of the enormous progress in the field of neural networks and machine learning in recent years: By now various tools are available to implement such mechanisms yourself. VPN The applications are numerous and one obvious application is to optimize network routing.
How it works

Based on Google’s open-source library for machine learning ( TensorFlow), we have built a neural network that analyzes the routes to numerous different websites and determines how to minimize traffic outside the VPN network.

In practice, this means that always the VPN server nearest to the destination is used and the shortest route is selected. For example: You browse to a website that is hosted on a server in Tokyo. No matter which Perfect-Privacy-Server you use, the data is then routed within the Perfect-Privacy-Network to our VPN server in Tokyo and only then leaves the VPN. Ideally, the target server is located in the same data center, in which case the traffic does not appear on the Internet at all.

Due to the algorithms used, this is a dynamic process: By using this feature, the network always learns which routes to any destination server are currently the shortest.

A desirable side effect is that depending on the destination, different VPN servers are used for the connection, which makes the tracking of users very difficult. You can easily test this by accessing different Check-IP websites: Depending on where the web server is located, a different VPN IP address will be displayed.

The NeuroRouting feature can be turned on and off with one click in the member area (it takes a few minutes to update). Please note that this function is not always useful: In some cases you want to make sure to use a certain VPN server, in this case you should disable this function. Neither should NeuroRouting be used for downloading larger files (e.g. torrents) to ensure that you always use a fast Gigabit server.